When it Comes to Social Media, We’re Just Not Content.

Adventure’s strategic planning team attended the Health Care Social Media Summit at the Mayo Clinic last week. Areas of focus included social media marketing and PR, mobile health care communications and social media for medical professionals.

There are many channels and formats of social media. But the focus should remain on quality content that reflects well on a brand’s promise, yet still has enough interest to be shared socially.

Simple exposure is not the only goal. As with all other media, social media needs to generate ROI. And in some cases ROE (Return-on-Experience) for the target audience. It needs to provide two-way participation, transparency, credibility and mutual trust between a brand and the individuals it serves.

Like most viral social content, the now famous Mayo Clinic atrium piano video was captured happenstance. With nearly 8 million views, it provided great social exposure for Mayo and ignited a complete “Happiness” social program.


With presenters from all over the world and worldwide web gladly sharing information and attending cocktail receptions, you could say we found the entire conference very socially engaging.